Pro-Cut Performance Plus Inserts

Pro-Cut Performance Plus Inserts

    Box of 6 cutting tips.

    • Lasts 3X longer than the 50-742 standard tip.
    • Each bit comes with a new bit screw for the cutting arm.
    • Premium quality carbide cutting tip offers custom geometry, chip breaker, and positive relief.
    • Engineered to allow cut depths of up to 0.015" per side.
    • Includes 3 pairs of tips with T8 screws.

    To ensure the perfect brake job finish, it's important to use authentic Pro-Cut Premium Cutting Tips as they were engineered for your Pro-Cut machine and made in the USA.

    Moto Solutions Notes: 

    Need help finding the right part for your brake lathe? Check out our resources page for parts lists and diagrams!


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