Brake Beaver OTL-360
Brake Beaver OTL-360
Brake Beaver OTL-360
Brake Beaver OTL-360
Brake Beaver OTL-360
Brake Beaver OTL-360
Brake Beaver OTL-360
Brake Beaver OTL-360
Brake Beaver OTL-360
Brake Beaver OTL-360
Brake Beaver OTL-360
Brake Beaver OTL-360
Brake Beaver OTL-360
Brake Beaver OTL-360
Brake Beaver OTL-360
Brake Beaver OTL-360
Brake Beaver OTL-360

Brake Beaver OTL-360

The OTL-360 from Brake Beaver stands as the premier choice for heavy-duty on-the-vehicle brake lathes globally, setting the standard for excellence. This machine allows for efficient brake disc refurbishment directly on the vehicle, completing the process in less than 20 minutes per wheel end. With the OTL-360, you can expect substantial savings in both parts expenses and labor hours, making it a no-brainer investment for your operation.

What's Included: 

  • Brake Beaver OTL-360 brake lathe on mobile trolley
  • In depth on-site training program & installation
  • Built-in hub adapter of your choosing
  • Tool & maintenance kit
  • Mounting nuts & spacer sets
  • Lathe cover
  • Brake Beaver vinyl machine cover
  • 1 pack of Brake Beaver premium cutting tips
  • 2 years warranty

Included Accessories

Mounting Nuts
Spacer Sets
Tool & Maintenance Kit
2x Safety Guard Holders
Vinyl Machine Cover

Additional Accessories

Vacuum Attachment

This vacuum attachment serves as an enhancement for your OTL-360, effectively mitigating airborne particles and dust generated during metal machining processes.

Height Extension Kit

Many transit facilities & bus companies are working at a much higher height. Our height extension kit is permanently installed on the trolley and raises the center of the hub by 14”, allowing it to be used at a taller height.

Additional Adapter Rings

The OTL-360 comes standard with 1 built-in adapter ring of your choosing. Adapter rings have 1 bolt pattern built into them and multiple adapter rings are available.

Refurbish Rotors Directly On The Vehicle

The Brake Beaver OTL-360 mounts directly onto the hub and machines both sides of the braking surface simultaneously. Once the vehicle (truck, trailer, bus or other HD commercial vehicle) is lifted, you remove the brake calipers or backing plate (whichever gives you access to both sides of the rotor and is easier to remove) and machine the rotors. The whole process of setting up the machine and machining the rotors typically takes under 20 minutes per wheel end. The OTL-360 will resurface most rotors in one pass, and will give you “like-new” finishes on your braking surfaces. The machine is easy to use and has features such as the “set it and forget it” safety shut off, which turns the machine off once the job is complete.

Ongoing Support

The benefits of working with the Moto Solutions / Brake Beaver team is the ongoing support and expertise behind this product. After all, we are a brake equipment company and we have a unique foothold in the market and are known as brake lathe experts across North America.

  • State of the art training programs ensure that technicians become confident using the equipment
  • 2 years warranty on all of our equipment
  • Ongoing support from brake equipment experts
  • Every part of the machines that we sell are in stock at any given time

See How much You Can Save

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Machine Specifications

Minimum Rotor Diameter

100mm / 3.94”

Maximum Rotor Diameter

500mm / 19.66”

Maximum Rotor Thickness

150mm / 5.5”

Spindle Speed Range

35 - 90 RPM


2 Horsepower


30 amp, 60 Hz, 1-PH, 220v

Machine Dimensions

850mm x 650mm x 1050mm / 33.47” x 25.60” x 41.34”

Machine Weight

232 Kg / 511.47 Lbs


Frequently Asked Questions

Once fully trained, technicians can successfully machine rotors on the vehicle in under 20 minutes. This includes 10 minutes to set the machine up, and 10 minutes to “cut” the rotor. Because of the “set it and forget it” feature, you can walk away from the machine while it is cutting the rotor to increase efficiency.

We believe “seeing is believing” so we offer on-site demos to any qualified prospect.

The standard thickness of an HD disc brake when new is 45mm (1.77”) and 37mm (1.45”) at “discard”. This gives you approximately 8mm (0.31”) to machine off of a brand-new rotor. Many rotors in the field are currently only at half-life when being thrown out, which would be the ideal time to machine the rotor and double its life.

A minimum cut is 0.1mm (0.0039”) per side and a maximum of 1mm (0.039”).

The OTL-360 is made for any heavy-duty fleet or shop currently repairing units with disc brakes.

All heavy-duty vehicles classes 4 – 8 with disc brakes.

We recommend on-site training and it is included with the purchase of every machine.

We stock machines in both Canada and USA at all times to eliminate long lead times. Most of our clients receive their new machine within 2 weeks of ordering.

All Brake Beaver branded machines comes with a 2 years warranty.

Ready to see what the OTL-360 can do for you?