Ammco Brake Lathe 11/16

Ammco Brake Lathe 11/16" Arbor Kit Set (6 Pieces)

  • SKU: MS-7708

11/16" Arbor Kit for Ammco brake lathes. (6 Pieces)

MS-7122: 11/16" Arbor for Ammco
MS-7118: Cone: 11/16" Bore - Range: 0.750" - 1.375"
MS-7882: 11/16" Arbor Nut for Ammco
MS-7120: Spacer 11/16" Bore and 0.5" length
MS-7121: Spacer 11/16" Bore and 1" length
MS-7138: Spherical Washer

Fits the following Ammco brake lathe models:

2002, 3000, 4000, 4100, 7000, 7700

Interchangeable Part Numbers:

Ammco part #903122

Moto Solutions Notes:

If your arbor is bent, your arbor is broken, or you can no longer zero your runout, this replacement arbor can solve your problem! This arbor is precision ground for easy installation and gauging.

Made in the U.S.A.