1" Double Chuck Adapter Set For Brake Lathe

  • SKU: MS-80040K

Double Chuck Adapter Set for 1" Brake Lathe Arbor Includes

Double Chuck Adapter (5"diameter double sided chuck)
Small Backing Plate (4-3/4" diameter)
Medium Backing Plate (5" diameter)
Toyota Backing Plate (6-1/4" diameter)
Large Backing Plate(7-1/4" diameter)
Wrench (3/8" drive) 

Interchangeable Part Numbers:

Ammco 940921

W.Y. International 80040K

Moto Solutions Notes:

This Double Chuck Kit has 2 sets of concentric, expanding jaws to grip the center hole and eliminate the need for cones. Passenger car jaws are permanently mounted on one side and truck jaws on the other side No need to change jaws out. Handles virtually all hub-less drums and rotors (including composite) through 1-ton vehicles (Range 2.125"- 5.75"). Choose from only 5 pieces to store and maintain. The weight and mass of the Double Chuck with Backing Plate virtually eliminate chatter and vibration from all hub-less applications, including composite drums and rotors. 75% fewer pieces mean less maintenance and minimal replacement costs. Eliminates run-out and set-up problems with its self centering feature 

Fits any brake lathe equipped with a 1" arbor

Made in the U.S.A.

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