Ammco Brake Lathe Rotor Silencer Assembly 7075

Ammco Brake Lathe Rotor Silencer Assembly 7075

  • SKU: MS-7075

Ammco 7075 Brake Rotor Silencer for Ammco Brake Lathes - Assembly


MS-7075-1 SCREW, 3/8-16X (Not Sold Individually)
MS-7079 Arm Rotor for 7075
MS-7076 Slide Rotor for 7075
MS-7075-4 SOC HD CS, 3/8" (Not Sold Individually)
MS-7075-6 12" Rod
MS-7080 Clip Rotor for 7075 (Pack Of 10)
MS-7075-5 SCREW, 5/16-18(Not Sold Individually)
MS-7075-2 METAL SCREW,(Not Sold Individually)
MS-7077 Swivel Damper for 7075
MS-7078 Lever Rotor for 7075
MS-7079P 5/32" X 5/8" Spring (Not Sold Individually)
MS-7075-3 3/8" Wrench(Not Sold Individually)
MS-7183 Pads for Silencer 7075 (Set of 2)

Fits the following Ammco models:

4000B, 4000SP, 4100B, 7500B

Interchangeable Part Numbers:

Ammco # 7075, 907075

Moto Solutions Notes:

This kit is a robust silencer that mounts right up to your Ammco brake lathe. Not only is it a better long-term solution but provides an overall improved experience.

Need help finding the right part for your brake lathe? Check out our resources page for parts lists and diagrams!